The Rope of Divinity

   Your breath is the anchor to divinity. In the beginning there was the word, but what comes first? Your words are breath patterns. To  provide yourself with a conscious train of breaths is to embrace yourself and simply be. All there is, is here co creating the happing that gives rise to the now.  Which is the only space in time in which you will ever find yourself in. Tomorrow turns into today, yesterday is only thought of right now, where are you ? The correct answer will be right here ! Your breath is pretty much the rope between life and death. As long there is breath ALL IS WELL. Here you are loving a life which is living  through experiences which are in direct correlation with your breath.

As long as no one takes the initiative to start breathing consciously than all your experiences will be a match to your shallow breathing. Take this into consideration; If you’re not doing you’re thinking for yourself from where are you picking up your thoughts? You might say your environment and that is partly true, but it’s a bit more obvious thus almost inconceivable to whom might not look for it. The thoughts you feel are a match to the rate of the breathing pattern you’re choosing to be a match to. How do you feel after taking a few deep breaths? Perhaps more at ease or nothing at all and you’re simply there but you’re not tense. Pay attention to the thoughts you have after breathing deeply and the reactions of others from this practice. Your energetic field open up and others will pick up on the fact that they’re not necessarily grounded in this reality.

It goes without saying that those predominately outside the field that open up when you resonate with your life through your breathing, they will try to sway you away from it. I mean who want to be reminded of how miserable their making themselves out to be. Keep in mind that perhaps they’re unwilling to take responsibility for their own happiness. Something that can happen by simply being. Here right now theres absolutely nothing wrong with anything going on or you wouldn’t be here reading this. In the contrary there so much to be grateful and appreciative about. See it as the universe way of saying i love you every time you breath. Your ability to have endless supplies of oxygen can be the aperture to the shower of abundance coming from the unconditional love that God has for you.

To receive it you must open yourself up to welcome it into your experience which is happening right here right now. You know you have open yourself up by the way you feel right now. Something which depends on the mental plane you dwell in which is something that has to do with your breathing. Shallow breathing equals negative mental activity and deep breathing equals to an extended neutral thought patterns. Keep in mind that neutrality is a positive thing. Hence you don’t need to do excessive thinking to vibrate positively you are already neutrality positive. By filling up your space with this breath of life the absence or shallow breathing is no longer there. You can’t get rid of anything you can simply replace it. Energy is transmitted through filters which transforms that state of matter in which it expresses itself. Thus energy cannot be destroy only transform or replace by something else.

The absence of the breath of life is the only thing that feels off at any given moment. Filled yourself up with the love of God and open yourself up to the kingdom of heaven.

 Until next time my unconditional love for you, myself, and all there is, stay blessed.


Put your time to good use

Forget all of them who stand against you they won’t do anything to impact your life anyway so why waste your time? Simply focus on those who are inspired and ready to go and guide them to their destination. Be the lighthouse that allows others to find their way back home. Never be set astray by barking at all the dogs that growl at you. Remain focus and through your example allow other to do the same. Shine bright for all to see. You’re worth it. Plus, when have you heard a candle loose its light by sharing it? Life is a reflection, always living up to your expectations. Be the change you wish to see in the world and life will live up to match the evolutionary impulses of the universe, which are being express through you by your desires. The sense of knowing that the same intelligence which is keeping existence running can take care of your life as well. Is a height you can choose to have life live up to for you to  experience. Faith is an understanding of your vibrational nature, thus faith is the absence of worrying.

Until next time, my unconditional love for you myself and all there is. Stay Blessed🙏


Are you enjoying your desires?

The gap between here and now is filled by the way you feel from moment to moment. How you feel right now is in direct correlation to your point of attraction. In other words if you feel good you are attracting the same things and vise versa. This concept seems silly until you take responsibility over your mind. You have the ability to think any thought you want. Once you embrace this you open yourself up to a new world of possibilities. A world which molds itself depending on your vibrational signature. This mean that you are responsible for all the good and bad in your life. I know it can be a hard pill to swallow, but the side effects are quite expansive.

Would you like to go more in depth about this subject ? If so leave a comment or like this blog and I’ll make sure to keep them coming 😄

Until next time my unconditional love for you, myself , and all there is. Stay blessed 🙏🏽


What Would Someone Who Love Themselves do ?

Im sure you heard the saying that you got to love yourself. Thats a nice concept but how practical is it really? No one seems to have any clue on how to go about it. So lets break it down practically. To love yourself comes naturally until you practice the opposite into a habit. How does this occur? By living life through should and shouldn’t instead of a more compassionate approach to your own well-being. Theres no need for approval from anyone, thus the reason to no longer do anything you need to do. 

This need implies that you don’t want to do it but you’re afraid to lose someone’s validation. In other words here you are putting your well-being second  to this thing you need to get done when you rather be doing something else. Ask yourself this question if this sounds like you; “what would someone who loves themselves do? ” Are you going to follow your bliss thus do what’s most exciting or not and do whatever things you “should” get done.

To prioritize your happiness by being aware of how you feel throughout your day, that’s self love. By doing the opposite we have practice a belief that has left us feeling completely unreliable. Doing those things which are the most exciting at any given moment, thus choosing to do what someone who loves themselves would do, allows us to practice making ourselves more reliable. This is all done to simply allow ourselves to realize that we have always been supported and loved by everything that allows you to be who you are. This will help you to remind yourself that you’re a crucial component to existence thus the reason you exist! 😄

 Until next time my unconditional love for you myself and all there is. Stay blessed.


Now you know

Do you remember the first time anyone ever poured all of their love onto you? How about the first time your parents held you in their hand? That might be quite a stretch, but that first taste of such a significant avalanche of love change your life forever. Today most of us go around trying to find the same sense of importance we felt all those years ago out side of ourselves in vain, because the high quickly fades away. Theres nothing like your first time, right ? But what if I told you that in the same sense every heart beat is the universe way of pouring its love to you. Saying you are a significant and intricate part of creation thus the need to keep your heart pumping. Now you know that only by misplacing your focus you can ever lose sight of your worthiness. Its time to focus on what matters. Lets count our blessing to find more of them. Until next time my unconditional love for you myself and all there is. StayBlessed.


The root cause of negative self talk. 

First let’s of start with what I mean by negative. Negative, mechanically speaking, is that which separates and isolates. With that being said, your negative self talk is pulling you away from yourself. The part of you, which knows your worth, is completely independent from what is and isn’t. It doesn’t argue with creation it works with it. Now you’re probably wondering what happen along the way, right? That’s a simple answer, you stop trusting yourself. In other words you started trusting yourself to be untrustworthy. Which it is how it sounds, completely illogical, but it is logically illogical. Meaning we still do it. You’ll be surprised how often this behavior is expressed through us.

This is what Alan watts has to say about such predicament.

It gets more immersive and better, the longer it takes us to root out this behavior the more clever the unfoldment becomes. And when the day comes to drop this method and replace this behavior, we are faced with the challenge of attachment. If left undone you’ll forget you’re doing it (that’s how clever it is). In order to reverse this effect you must let go of it. That literally means no worrying and more trusting that the intelligence that keeps the planets rotating and existence running can take care of your life as well. Look for all the ways you’re being supported right now. The sun is up or the moon and you didn’t have to put it on your to do list. This kind of focus is the practice of positive self talk thus making yourself out to be more reliable. Life is a self serving mechanism. As you say or focus, so shall it been done onto you. Count your blessings, that the only way to find more of them. Don’t sweat over the small stuff, it’s all small stuff.

Until next time my unconditional love for you myself and all there is. Stay blessed 🙏🏽

All you need is love

In order to make life effortless you got to love what you do. That makes it easy to do regardless of the level of difficulty you are being challenge with. Everything but the fact that you’re doing is less relevant. You can almost say it’s unconditional but that’s not always the case. The Beatles and many other artists understood that in order to receive the abundance they been seeking for they must join the dance of life and enjoy it in order to do it with grace so it can add value to others. When you focus on doing the most exciting thing at any given moment you allow yourself to welcome all of life in return. This moment is all we got. The only way to honor it is by being happy in it. You’ll face challenges doing what you love and otherwise. Priotize your happiness. Love yourself. Do what you love and polish your worth. You’re worth it. Bless us with you gift. Keep in mind that it’s easy. All you need is love.   


Until next time my unconditional love for you myself and all there. Stay blessed 🙏🏽

Into me see (Intimacy) 

Intimacy just like sexuality is something that not many feel comfortable with. Intimacy doesn’t necessarily mean having sex but having sex can act as a intimate moment. Sexuality is a part of us as it is the air we breath. Without our parents engaging in sexual intercourse  we wouldn’t be here. We are entangle with sexuality but like I said that doesn’t necessarily means that we are fond of intimacy.  To be intimate means to be fully transparent in order to allow the other to see clearly who are. This is when trust issues arise. Almost without being unaware that we choose to spend the time we have with those around us. We make time for them, this is us prioritizing our relationships. We choose who to trust. Even if this means trusting untrustworthy people. This is a choice you may. Refusing to admit to it creates more cycles of victimhood with every other relationship you come across. Until the moment comes and you decide that you had enough. At this time you trust yourself to trust the right people. Realizing that all of those others experiences are what led you to this moment. This retrospect takes intimacy between you and yourself.

To be intimate with yourself meas addressing those aspects of yourself that have lost your validation. In order to allow yourself to be completely authentic so others can feel 100% of what’s it’s like to be around you. This potentially means that someone might leave your side  to find what they’re looking for somewhere else. Since you’re no longer putting up a disguise in order to keep them around. Now, this is really good, this simply means that your cuing yourself up for alignment. Which is the ultimate form of self love.  This is you allowing yourself to see yourself clearly thus being with yourself unconditionally. Regardless of what might come up you allow those feeling to be express thus loving that part of yourself which was calling for you. To be at peace with yourself, one piece, is to allow others to be there genuinely with you. This processes of integration is what will allow others who have gone through similar experiences to share your life with you. Until the moment comes that you choose to know for yourself that it is up to you to trust the right people to be intimate with, you will keep gravitating towards people that allow you to be comfortable living under victimhood since this is their comfort zone as well. It takes one to know one, real recognizes real, and I’m here to simply say that there’s always another way.  There are people out there who are trustworthy and down to earth, you just got be one of them in order to be attracted to them.

 Until next time, my unconditional love for you myself and all there is . Stay blessed.

To be or not to be?

Desiring not to desire is still desiring something. Choosing not to be is simply a delay mechanism. It’s like saying you’re not good enough so maybe next time around. This is the same approach you’re taking when you choose to do something simply to avoid to do something else. Focusing on this unwanted thing thus unconsciously moving towards it, and then wondering how did I get here ? Well, you were always on your way, you were just unwilling to see it for yourself. It is easier to stay where you are than attempting to follow your dreams and failing  at everything you have aspire to be. I understand how this can seem to be true but fear is false evidence appearing real. Living under such a cloud of terror is only created when you give up your creative power and allow your mind to run loose, thus making yourself unreliable. Which simply means you truly believe you are untrustworthy.  If that’s true I have a question for you. Can you trust your distrust? I mean, you are unreliable, so can it actually be true that you are untrustworthy ?

I want to leave you with this question if you feel like you can answer it or want to talk about it in more detail leave a comment 👇

Until next time, my unconditional love for you myself and all there is. Stay blessed.

Them nay sayers 

When those around you get a kick out of having you be anything but yourself and by that I mean happy know that it’s nothing personal. That’s their own way of being happy just as you were. Yesterday I was asked, “why would anyone want to squeeze the joy out of someone?” To you I say because it’s fun. Ain’t it ? What a big pile of crab they convince you to be part of when you decide to get involve in their rather clever scheme. Now, it’s true that while you’re caught up in the none sense it might not seem as funny but if you can beat them to the punch both of you can get a kick out of it. These folks need a constant reminder of their worth, either by stepping all over someone’s else dignity or by polishing it themselves positivity rather than negatively. Negatively would be saying and acting out in any and almost all forms of blame and ridicule. This creates separation through resentment among one another. The opposite is acquire as soon as you decide to be hearty in your approach.

If you’re the one receiving this treatment my suggestion to you is, find 3 thing you can genuinely praise about this person and do it often with a lavish take to it. Do it differently all day, find different things, anything that you can honestly appreciate will do. They will almost take anything besides flattery. That’s why I said have a lavish approach on your praise. If it’s too hard to find anything right now wait, and write it down as you go about your day. And then appreciate from there until the right timing shows us when you can genuinely praise them for their upmost wonderful contribution to your life. I believe it was MLK who said that only love can drive out hate from the hearts of others. In the same sense you’re pouring water on a wildfire  by letting it know that by doing so the fire and the forest will benefit from it by regrowing into the most beautiful and enchanting place anyone have ever lay their eyes on.  Through generous and genuine appreciation by being hearty on your approbation and lavish on your praise you allow yourself to remain in a state of wellbeing which by default allows the other person to be there with you. It is the feeling they’re seeking. It is a feeling of importance that they’re searching for. By facilitating the feeling through a hearty approbation and a lavish take on your praise you allow both parties to benefit from each others interaction and everyone wins.

This as a result allowing them through your example to take a hearty approbation and a lavish take on their daily interaction with others and thus  acting as a permission slip to other if they choose to do the same, and by doing so affecting the world with one act of kindness at a time.

Until next time, my unconditional love for you myself and all there is. Stay blessed.